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Google+ the Facebook Killer?

I use Facebook. I didn’t use Myspace. I will use Google Plus.

But why? And why might everyone else?

Social networks are tricky beasts. They’re odd mixtures of circumstance, brand image, psychology, and technological features – in that order. But what makes them “win”? Read more

Santorum (adj) – The assassination of one’s political career in spectacular fashion.

No, this is not the “real” definition. In the attempt to be safe for work, you’re welcome to Google it yourself.

Alright, you’re back. Or perhaps you never left. I won’t assume you know what it means, though you’re welcome to read the Wikipedia page on some of the backstory. It’ll help.

In any case, as a punishment for some incredibly bigoted statements of then-Senator Rick Santorum, a new word was coined. If you didn’t hear at the time, essentially he said that consensual gay relations were as morally justifiable as incest or adultery. If you hover over the above link, you’ll see the parenthetical “sexual neologism”. This should be enough to give you an idea about what kind of word was defined in his name. Well, in the absolute sense (and playing devils’ advocate), he has a point. But then again, no act of sex is justifiable. The drive itself is a necessary instinct, but unexplainable in rational terms. It’s an axiom of our existence, or should be – some try to ignore it. Attempting to justify sex is like asking why we’re afraid of death – it just is because that’s how we are, at the deepest level

Enough about that. This entry isn’t about the man, the act, the statements, or the word. Rather, it’s about Google.

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